West Seattle Affordable Senior Apartments

SHAG communities offer an array of amenities, the opportunity for friendships and the benefits of having a social network to rely on. Whether you live in a SHAG community in Bellingham, Seattle, Olympia or one of the many locations in between, all of our communities offer apartments at affordable rents for residents with a moderate income. All of our SHAG communities have income and age restrictions that residents must meet in order to qualify for an apartment. The age and income restrictions do differ between communities. Please call our leasing specialists if you have any questions regarding these qualifications.

Age and Income Qualifications for Arrowhead Gardens:


Each member of the applicant’s household must be age 55 or older and at least one member of the applicant’s household must be age 61 or older by the end of the current year or be disabled.


Annual household income may not exceed the following amounts:

  • One-person household: $37,980
  • Two-person household: $43,380

(Reduced income qualifications may apply to lower rental rates.)

Income verification is required of all members of applicant’s household. Annual re-certification of income is also required.

Arrowhead Gardens offers affordable apartments in Seattle

Arrowhead Gardens

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